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This event has ended

This event has ended


The world’s biggest virtual event dedicated to digital buying assistants may be over...
but you can still gain access to all the content on-demand, from home!

Hear from the world's biggest brands and retailers, including Microsoft, Bose, Kensington, XMONDO, Krefel, Husqvarna and many more...

From success stories to interactive panel discussions, learn how digital assistant are shaping the future of ecommerce and how you can deliver contextual customer experiences across all your digital channels.

Monday, Sep 14 : Main Stage (Stream 6)
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The New Digital Imperatives: Accelerating Transformation Through The Art Of The Possible

In a world where digital experiences is everything, learning how to navigate the maze of technologies available is key to succeeding now and in the future. Brendan Witcher will discuss innovative customer-centric digital strategies for 2021 and explain how brands and retailers can win, serve, and retain more customers!

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The Future Of Digital

An inspirational & informative Q&A panel discussion, featuring Forrester, Bose and Husqvarna where you will hear unique perspectives from top industry experts on the future of digital and the different digital strategies they’re putting in place. How will your business implement a customer-centric digital strategy for 2021?

Tueday, Sep 15 : Customer Spotlights (Stream 6)
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Personal Buying Assistants At Scale

Listen to this session with Rafi Khusro, Global Product Marketing Manager at Kensington, who will talk about how Kensington is delivering engaging brand consistent Wellness configurator assistants across all their websites globally all from one platform and across 13+ languages.

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Social Media As A Digital Entry Point

Listen to this session with Cassidy Reed, Business Development Lead at Xmondo Hair, who will talk about how leveraging social media has been a key driver to their Digital Assistant Strategy.

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From Online Digital Assistants To The In-store

Neil Korgaokar, Manager of E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Technology at Husqvarna, will be discussing how his team has successfully implemented digital assistants across the DIY industry and how they’re planning on launching in-store kiosks to help channel partners sell more.

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Test, Launch, Optimize, Repeat

Listen to this session with Taki Tsaklanos, CoE customer experience strategy at Bose, to find out how they chose Zoovu to replace an in-house build and how they’re leveraging Zoovu’s A/B testing capabilities to get the most value out of their digital assistants.

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Increasing Channel Partner Revenue

Listen to this session with Chris Pieters, VP of Digital, and Florence Cantegreil, Channel Marketing Manager, at Ansell, who will discuss how they are using digital assistants to help their channel partners better sell Ansell products and increase revenue.

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Omnichannel Experiences

Listen to this session with Ram Iyer, Director of Digital Strategy at Microsoft, who will talk about the evolution of digital and the steps they’ve taken to deliver engaging omni-channel experiences.

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Increasing AOV With Commercial And Personal Offerings For Customers

Angela Swanson, Director of Marketing at Brother Mobile Solutions, will tell you how they have successfully implemented a digital assistant to help guide both personal and commercial customers to the perfect product whilst increasing AOV.

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Leveraging Powerful Data

Listen to this session with Jonny Stewart, Director of Ecommerce at Philip Kingsley, who will talk about how their hair care assistant helps them collect invaluable customer data and how they use this information as part of their marketing strategy.

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Digital Assistant Within The Oro Fitness App

Listen to this session with Rich Lallo, Head of Digital Marketing at Holland & Barrett, who will talk about how they’ve implemented Digital Assistants within the Fitness App, Oro, and drive interactive and guided experiences on the go.

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What Successful Channel Partner Rollout Looks Like

Peter Edvinsson, Global Brand and Marketing at Husqvarna EMEA, will discuss how they have successfully implement a channel partner rollout.

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Creating A Conversational Experience For Both B2C And B2B Telecommunications

Borko Crnogorac, B2B Development Director at Telekom Srbija will be discussing how they use non transactional assistants to generate 100% engagement from their website and use lead generation from their assistant to drive off-site conversion.

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Using Multi-branded Assistants To Simplify The Buyer’s Journey

Donovan Mazzoni, Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Manager at Krëfel, will discuss how Krëfel are successfully supporting brand manufacturers by simplifying the buyer's journey whilst growing incremental revenue based on customer-centric tactics.

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Visual Configurators For Both B2B & B2C Customers

Listen to this session where Jürgen Muckenschnabel, Head of Webshop at Grohe, will discuss how they are implementing a visual product configurator and installation guide to help both B2B & B2C customers select the right water solution.

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Delivering Home appliance assistants and configurators

Glenn Roper, Digital Strategy Lead for the luxury home appliance brand JennAir will be discussing how Whirlpool delivered unique branded appliance digital assistants and configurators at scale, all through a single platform.

Wedday, Sep 16 : Partner Spotlights
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Accelerate and Increase B2B Sales with Guided Selling

Join Osudio and Zoovu to learn how to provide a digital buying assistance with a superior CX and show your sales team how to exceed buyer expectations.

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Helping Businesses Convert With No-Code Ecommerce Engagement

Join BigCommerce and Zoovu to learn how to integrate product finder and site search solutions onto ecommerce sites (without the need for IT experts) and help your shoppers navigate, engage and convert by helping them find what they’re looking for.

Thuday, Sep 17 : Assistants For Post-Purchase Support (Stream 1)
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What Are Service Bots & Service Assistants

Discover the value service bots and service assistants can bring to your post-purchase experience from self-diagnostic support, DIY repairs, and additional part orders. This is the key to optimal reductions in operational costs.

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How To Use Service Bots & Service Assistants As Part Of Your Digital Strategy

Learn how to implement service assistants on your website and the value this will to your digital strategy and overall customer experience - extending the experience from pre to post-purchase

Friday, Sep 18 : Expand Your Brands Reach, At Scale (Stream 2)
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What Is Channel Partner Distribution And How To Get Started

Learn how you can drive additional revenue and engagement from digital assistants through channel partner distribution. Find out how Zoovu can help you with building out your partner network

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How To Build A Channel Partner Distribution Network

Learn what it takes to plan, execute and develop a channel partner roll-out strategy, whether you have a partner network or are looking to strengthen your channel partner relationships.

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How To Get Buy-in From Your Retailers And Channel Partners

A quick guide on how to effectively work with your partners to get your assistants live on their websites and other channels. Learn how to raise interest and pitch to get buy-in.

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How To Drive Long-term Success And Scale

Discover the key benefits that can be driven from a channel partner roll-out and learn how to leverage this to further optimize, scale, and contribute to your business's overall success: business intelligence, product strategy, operational efficiency....

Satday, Sep 19 : Powering Up With Zoovu (Stream 3)
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Introduction To The Zoovu Marketplace And Power-ups

Find out everything you need to know about the Zoovu marketplace: how to access it, how to unlock new features and what the marketplace can do for you.

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AI Driven Conversion Optimization For Maximum Results

Learn what Conversation Optimizer can do for you and how to use it so that you can start creating AI driven conversations and increase your assistant potential by 6X.

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Scale Your Digital Assistants With Translator

Find out how to easily turn 1 language assistant into many in just a few steps. Hear from Kensington on how they’ve easily expanded to 13+ languages.

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AI Powered Data Enrichment At Your Fingertips

Transform the way you work and learn how to leverage AI to help automatically classify your product attributes, enrich your product data and get you onboarded faster.

Sunday, Sep 20 : Social Commerce Experiences (Stream 5)
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Next Level Engagement With Facebook Chat Assistants

Learn how to deliver personal buying assistants via Facebook chat and provide the support customers needs where they spend the majority of their time.



Glenn Roper
Digital Strategy Lead

Brendan Witcher
VP, Principal Analyst

Ram Iyer
Director of Digital Strategy

Rafi Khusro
Product Marketing

Taki Tsaklanos
Customer Experience Strategy

Cynthia Smith
Digital Experience Director

Peter Edvinsson
Digital Project Manager

Neil Korgaokar
E-Commerce Manager

Chris Pieters
VP of Digital

Florence Cantegreil
Marketing Manager

Jonny Stewart
Director of eCommerce
Phillip Kingsley

Cassidy Reed
Business Development
Xmondo Hair

Jürgen Muckenschnabel
Head of Webshop

Richard Lallo
Head of Digital Marketing
Holland & Barrett

Borko Crnogorac
Product Director
Telekom Srbija

Donovan Mazzoni
Digital Marketing Manager

Angela Swanson
Director of Marketing
Brother Mobile Solutions

Sarah Assous

Andrew McKairnes

Jonathan Taylor

Lamees Butt
VP Customer Operations

Cheyenne Tessier
Enterprise Account Executive

Caroline Mellen
Home Appliance eCommerce SME

Michaela Janosova
Customer Success Manager